CPKN Model

Pricing Structure

CPKN uses value-based pricing to ensure every police service or agency, regardless of size, has access to cost effective learning solutions.

CPKN offers three pricing models. Each is designed to ensure agencies of all sizes receive the best possible pricing for CPKN courses. CPKN is pleased to provide agencies with cost comparisons for each pricing model and to assist in the selection of the best-fit model.

>> View CPKN's full Pricing Policy (Effective April 1, 2011)

Standard Catalogue Pricing Model

CPKN’s standard course catalogue prices are set based on a number of factors including estimated time to complete, media richness, total development cost, content provider fees, external funding, etc. Catalogue prices range from $25 to $200 per learner, though the majority are listed at $25 and $50.

In cases where course development has been funded by the Police Sector Council, those courses will be initially offered as free learning events for a 4 month period. After the free Learning & Evaluation period, the majority of PSC-funded courses are listed at $25.

Group/Volume Discounts

Police services are also eligible for volume-based discounts when a total one-time course purchase exceeds 10% of a service’s total sworn officer population.


For large services, licensing models are often a more cost-effective means of delivering training to officers. CPKN’s licensing option provides unlimited access (including registration, support, and reporting services) to a course for an entire service/organization.

For additional information or quotations, please contact:

Krystine Richards
Manager, Client Relations

Tel: 902.629.4246
Email: krystine.richards@cpkn.ca