Coming June 1st: Firearms Identification for Public Agents

CPKN and the Canada Firearms Centre are currently collaborating to produce Firearms Identification for Public Agents, an online learning course designed to teach the correct procedures and protocols to identify firearms to the Canadian standard.

Firearms Identification for Public Agents

Whether conducting CPIC inquiries, firearms traces, affidavits submissions, warrant executions, or reporting firearms for inclusion in the National Registry, the ability to identify firearms to the Canadian standard simplifies procedures, improves efficiency, and increases capacity to communicate about firearms.

“Delivering training on a national scale in a timely, efficient, and effective manner was becoming increasingly cumbersome and difficult to manage with traditional instructor-led training, says George Fraser of the Canada Firearms Centre, RCMP and subject matter expert for this course. “This new web-based training format provides easy access to standardized content while decreasing program costs and eliminating the need to manage conflicting schedules, time zones and geographic obstacles.”

This introductory level course focuses on developing competencies around contributing factors such as make, type, manufacturer, action, class, calibre and barrel length. Learners will also learn to apply the Canadian identification standard and derive a Firearms Reference Table database match.

Available in both English and French, this two hour course is scheduled for release on June 1st and will be made available to police as well as other law enforcement personnel.