John Arnold Retires as CPKN President

Upon seeing his vision for a new police training model take shape and take hold, John Arnold has stepped down as President of CPKN. In his address to the Board of Directors, John expressed his pleasure in being involved in CPKN's creation and evolution.

John Arnold

"CPKN has no equal in the world today," John says. "It is an all-inclusive opportunity for Canadian police services to participate and learn from one another and I'm very proud to have played an integral role in its success. Now, with more than twenty-five online courses created for police by police, it is time to move on."

As Chief Scientist of the Canadian Police Research Centre, John was a driving force behind, the concept that evolved into CPKN. In those early days back in 2001, John was instrumental in helping the Canadian police community recognize the potential of e-learning. Through his efforts, the idea earned the attention and early support of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. In 2003, John was central in assembling numerous stakeholders from NRC/CPRC, various police colleges, and major police services to build a vision and strategic plan for this new learning model. By the following year, the foundation for CPKN was firmly in place.

John has served as President of CPKN since 2004. In that time, he has worked with the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and key stakeholders to fine tune the CPKN model and build support within the police community. While earning the respect and recognition of his colleagues and associates, he has helped propel CPKN to become Canada's leading provider of e-learning to police and other law enforcement agencies.

"We applaud John's vision and commitment," says Sandy Sweet, COO of CPKN. "His 30+ years of experience working with the police community has opened doors for CPKN. While the journey from concept to reality has had its challenges, John's insight and determination have been key to moving CPKN forward."

While John is moving on from CPKN, he will continue to work in the police technology research field, building on opportunities that benefit all police. On behalf of everyone at CPKN, we wish him every success.