Graffiti Investigation Now Available

Graffiti crimes can range from meaningless vandalism to well established communication systems among gang members. While the motives for these crimes are diverse, all graffiti impacts on the communities and neighbourhoods where it occurs. These crimes not only decrease property values and generate a negative image of a community, but also increase concerns for personal safety, and create an atmosphere that encourages the perpetration of other crimes.

Working with content provided by the Saskatoon Police Service's Anti Graffiti Unit and additional input from police services in Canada and the US, CPKN has produced an introductory level Graffiti Investigation course for all officers. This course explores the various types of graffiti, how to interpret its meaning, and provides guidelines how to successfully investigate graffiti complaints and win convictions on graffiti offenses. This course also advises on methods and techniques that community groups can use to remove graffiti from various surfaces.