Urban Gang Dynamics: New Release at CPKN

As demonstrated in the recent tragic multiple homicide in Surrey, BC, gang activity represents some of the most significant and dangerous problems in communities across the country. While their structure differs from other organized crime groups such as bikers or drug cartels, these gangs are often involved in a variety of criminal activities including drug trafficking, fraud, assaultive behavior, and weapons.

To help police better understand gang culture and organization, CPKN, in association with the Toronto Police Service's Gun and Gang Task Force, has released Urban Gang Dynamics, a comprehensive introduction to gangs and gang investigations.

"This course was developed with input from gang investigators across Canada," says Detective Sergeant Doug Quan, operational officer in charge of the Integrated Gun & Gang Task Force and one of the primary subject matter experts in the development of this course. "It reflects a national perspective on gang-related crime and gives front line officers a thorough understanding of the culture, organization, and activities of street gangs."

The Urban Gang Dynamics course focuses on understanding the dynamics of gangs and their impact on communities while providing officers with information and techniques relevant to investigating street gang related crimes. Furthermore, given the potentially dangerous situations that police officers encounter when investigating gang activities, a significant portion of this course is dedicated to officer safety issues.