General Investigation Training Now Offered in Blended Learning Format

The Ontario Police College (OPC) and CPKN are pleased to announce the launch of the General Investigation Training Course, the latest release in the collaborative learning series.

GIT is a foundation training activity designed to provide new investigators with the necessary skills and knowledge to transition from the patrol function to the investigative function. The course emphasizes the concepts and principles of good case management practices and the core competencies of a general investigator. GIT provides the basis for further specialization in a specific investigative field and is a mandatory pre-requisite for most other investigative and senior level courses.

Similar to the Advanced Patrol Training course, GIT is now offered in a two part blended learning format. Part I will be delivered online through CPKN, and Part II in a condensed classroom session from the OPC or a designated police service.

"This blended learning option significantly reduces the time and financial resources that police services need to commit to GIT training initiatives," says Bill Stephens, Deputy Director at the OPC. "And by delivering the theoretical components of this course online, classroom instructors can put greater focus on topics such as search (with/without warrant), interview techniques, informant development and handling, and other practical applications."

Adapted from the OPC's General Investigation Training Course, some portions of this course are specific to Ontario jurisdictions. However, interested participants from outside of Ontario are encouraged to contact CPKN for further information.