New Release: Harassment Awareness

Harassment in the workplace affects not only the specific parties involved, but can also negatively impact on an organization as a whole. As such, harassment awareness is essential in any organization that promotes communication, understanding, and respect among all employees in every level of the organization.

To help organizations and their personnel recognize harassment events and understand the impacts that they have on both the individuals involved and the health of the workplace environment, CPKN is pleased to announce the release of the Harassment Awareness in the Workplace course.

The content for this course has been generously gifted from the RCMP and reviewed by two municipal subject matter experts, Sgt. Dave Sanders, Human Relations Training, Toronto Police Service and Chief Paul Smith, Charlottetown Police Services, to ensure that the material meets the needs of the wider police community. This course has been created to improve the safety and well-being of all police officers. In addition to increasing awareness about possible or potential incidents of harassment, this course provides direction on the use of early problem solving to avoid harassment episodes and the use of mediation techniques to resolve conflicts.