CPIC Query/Narrative Online Pilot Launch on August 1st

From August 1 - October 31, 2007, the CPIC Query/Narrative Online Course will be offered at no cost as a pilot program to law enforcement officers across Canada on CPKN's e-learning portal.

This course was developed as a component of the Police Sector Council's research project examining the application of e-learning for effective long-term human resource management in the Canadian policing sector. Adapted from the Canadian Police Information Centre's traditional three day classroom training curriculum, the newly refurbished online version reduces delivery time to six online hours and is designed to provide users with the skills to query CPIC Data Banks, analyze the responses, and send narrative traffic messages using the CPIC System.

As part of the pilot, participants will be required to complete two brief questionnaires which are designed to obtain information about learner demographics, attitudes towards course content and delivery methods, and perceived levels of pre- and post-course knowledge about CPIC queries and narrative traffic. Information collected during the pilot is kept strictly anonymous and will be used by the PSC to form recommendations to support a sector-wide approach to police training and to form the basis of a national e-learning strategy.

This pilot provides an opportunity for members of the policing community to shape the future of e-learning training initiatives in Canada.