APT Blended Learning Program Released

Working in cooperation with the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN), the Ontario Police College (OPC) has released the second of three blended learning programs. On the heels of the refurbished Suspect Apprehension Pursuits program that was launched in January, the OPC has now announced the release of the Advanced Patrol Training (APT) blended learning program.

"This series of blended programs uses the best of both worlds," says Rudy Gheyson, OPC Director. "We've incorporated the efficiency of online learning with the hands-on experience of traditional instruction to provide officers with a comprehensive training experience."

Focusing on a variety of topics specific to patrol duty, legal updates, and current patrol issues, the blended APT program consists of both e-learning and classroom components. Through theory, case scenarios, and experiential exercises, Part I is delivered via CPKN's online portal and focuses on officer authorities in mandatory topic areas including:

  • Arrest
  • Criminal Offences
  • Drugs
  • Investigative Detention
  • Law on Drinking & Driving
  • Domestic Violence Investigations
  • Provincial Statutes

These areas are further explored through traditional instruction during Part II which is delivered by police services in condensed classroom sessions. Any region-specific issues are also addressed during the classroom session.

Cal Bond and Mauro Succi, APT Team Leaders at the OPC, agree that the blended learning approach is a positive step forward for APT delivery. "We've spent significant time working with the development team at CPKN to ensure that this program will meet the needs and expectations of the police community," says Succi. "We've streamlined the overall program while providing participants with a range of new learning tools and experiences."

Like OPC's traditional APT program, successful participants of the APT blended learning program (Part I & Part II) are issued an OPC certificate for Advanced Patrol Training. General Investigative Training, the third program in this blended learning trilogy, is scheduled for release in June.

For more information, please visit APT course page or contact CPKN at 1-866-357-2756.