Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Online Training Now Available

The online component of Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Accredited Training Program is now available on the CPKN portal. This is the first of three courses that the Ontario Police College is adapting to an interactive online format.

Based on the Ontario Police Service Act's Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Regulation, this course is an alternative to traditional self-study components of the the Ontario Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (SAP) Accredited Training program. SAP is a basic refresher course focusing on current pursuit regulations, techniques, and reality-based scenarios. SAP will aid police officers, supervisors, and dispatchers in establishing appropriate procedures to safely prevent, manage, and/or terminate pursuits. Topics covered include:

  • Regulations
  • Suspect Apprehension Pursuits
  • Alternatives to Pursuit
  • Pursuit Driving
  • Pursuit Management and Control
  • Methods of Terminating Pursuits

SAP can be used as a stand-alone training tool or as part of a blended training program. In Ontario, to meet accreditation requirements this course must be completed in conjunction with the consensus test and the viewing of the Ontario Police Vehicle Training Alliance SAP training video.

In other jurisdictions, CPKN will work with police service training coordinators and SAP instructors to determine the best means of incorporating this e-learning option to meet their services' training needs.

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