New System Streamlines Mandatory Proficiency and Recertification Processes

CPKN recently launched a new system to help police organizations better manage mandatory certificate training and proficiency requirements. This will significantly reduce the amount of time and resources required to keep officers up-to-date on essential certificates.

Launched earlier this summer, the system is currently being used to administer the annual Intox EC/IR II Proficiency Exam for all Qualified Technicians (QTs) throughout British Columbia and Alberta. A version for QTs in the Yukon is also scheduled for release later this summer.

“Police in British Columbia transitioned to a standardized online proficiency exam based on the recommendation of the BC Association of Chiefs Police Breath Test Advisory Committee,” says S/Sgt. Douglas Ferguson of the Road Safety Unit with the BC Ministry of Justice (Police Services Division). “That decision was based on the need for a more robust, standardized, and trackable way to ensure QT proficiency on the approved breath test instrument.”

In BC, the annual Proficiency Exam is a best practice initiative to ensure that QTs are able to effectively demonstrate their ability to operate the approved breath test instrument. In the past, when the BAC Datamaster C was the approved instrument, Breath Test Supervisors were required to observe annual, in-person tests for more than 830 QTs throughout the province – a labour intensive process for delivery and tracking.

However, with the roll-out of the less complex Intox EC/IR II instrument, QTs can now satisfy proficiency requirements with an online video and exam.

Using the new online system, once a QT is registered, they receive annual automated email notifications from the system, beginning six weeks prior to their exam anniversary date. In addition to prompting the QT, these notifications provide instructions for accessing the exam. Depending on a jurisdiction’s requirements, the exam may be issued with or without additional learning aids such as videos.

“This online approach simplifies the entire process for QTs, supervisors, and administrators alike,” says S/Sgt Ferguson. “QTs now just have to login and take the exam; Breath Test Supervisors are no longer required to oversee in-person testing; exam scores are automatically logged by the system and CPKN reports the results back to the administrators and Supervisors. This model will not only save time and money on all fronts, but will significantly improve our ability to track completions across the province.”

“This new system is just one more way that we’re able to demonstrate how online technologies can support organizational needs,” says Nadine Sutcliffe, COO at CPKN. “We’re going well beyond the simple delivery of training courses. CPKN is helping police services deliver promotional exams, procedural pieces, and internal awareness campaigns. Online delivery not only enhances access among an organization’s membership but also significantly streamlines the administrative component of these activities.”

The new recertification system can be applied to many types of certificate renewal processes. Anyone seeking more information about options is encouraged to contact Nadine at or 902.629.4262.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2014 issue of the Point. Click. Learn. newsletter.