Pilots of Selected OPC Courses Set to Begin Soon

A select number of Ontario police officers will test drive the first set of Ontario Police College (OPC) online courses beginning at the first of November. The OPC has partnered with CPKN in order to convert three OPC courses into an online offering that will become part one of two in a blended training course. Pilots will be the first step in launching this new alternative approach for police services.

The OPC and CPKN are set to roll out Advance Patrol Training (APT) and Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (SAP) in a limited pilot on October 30. This pilot will give participants the opportunity to assess the online component. Police services that demonstrated interest in piloting the e-learning component have been selected and are set to get underway.

After the initial pilot, the OPC and CPKN will launch a full pilot, incorporating the blended approach. These pilots are anticipated to begin in January of February of 2007 and will consist of a small sample of police services within Ontario. Those that are interest in the full pilot should contact the OPC or CPKN.