Breath Test Pre-Course Training Pilot Underway

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Forensic Laboratory Services (FLS) and CPKN have recently launched a pilot of its Breath Test Pre-Course Training.

The FLS has been working with CPKN during the past two years to convert portions of its existing training into an online format with the objectives of reducing the amount of days candidates are taken away from duty and to provide more standardized training.

When this approach is fully implemented up to two days (depending on jurisdiction) will be removed from the previous classroom training and replaced with the online pre-course training. The Breath Test Pre-Course training involves an estimated 10-12 hours of online material that does not require hands on application with the approved instrument(s).

Candidates from the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) are the first participants to be given an opportunity to pilot the online pre-course training. The online portion has already undergone a peer review from breath test experts across the country. The EPS participants are piloting the online portion with the standard classroom training. The FLS and CPKN will be utilizing this initial pilot of the online portion to obtain feedback from the candidates.

A full pilot of the program, in which the classroom time will be reduced and it will be mandatory for participants to successfully complete the online pre-course training, will be launched in the near future. The FLS will make Breath Test Training available in a blended format in the near future to any police service wishing to adopt this approach. A widespread implementation of the new program will begin in April 2007.