RCMP, DOJ Sponsors Free Youth Criminal Justice Learning Event on CPKN

Until March 31, 2014*, the RCMP and Department of Justice are sponsoring free access to the Overview of the Youth Criminal Justice Act online course. All law enforcement officers or other frontline professionals involved in the youth criminal justice system are invited to participate.

In Canada, the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) governs how the criminal law deals with youth between the ages of 12 and 17 who are alleged to have committed an offence under federal law. The Overview of the Youth Criminal Justice Act course presents the YCJA as recently amended through the Safe Streets and Communities Act and focuses on the application of the Act by police officers in the execution of their duties. As a shared initiative of the RCMP and Canada's Department of Justice, it will inform frontline personnel on the YCJA and how to apply the Act in day to day policing activities.

"This course is designed to help officers to more fully appreciate the impact of police actions on the administration of youth justice," says Cpl. Louis Delisle of the RCMP's National Crime Prevention Services and co-coordinator for this joint initiative. "With this training, officers will be able to carry out their responsibilities under the YCJA in a more informed and effective manner."

In addition to examining the Act's basic themes and objectives, the Overview of the Youth Criminal Justice Act course reviews specific components of the YCJA including extrajudicial measures, conferences, right to counsel and notice to parents, pre-trial release and detention, sentencing, fingerprinting and photographs, records, and statements.

This course is offered through the Canadian Police Knowledge Network. Additional course details and registration information are available at Following the free learning period, the course will be listed at $25 per learner.

* Free access is limited to the first 2000 learners to register to this course.