CPKN Partners with Ontario Police College: OPC Courses to be Available Online in September 2006

TORONTO - Ontario's police leaders today welcomed a new partnership between the Ontario Police College (OPC) and Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) which will enable police officers to access OPC training online for the first time ever. Selected OPC courses will be offered to the police community in a blended training approach, incorporating both the online course and in classroom training.

Ontario Police College

The new model provides police services with a training approach that reduces the time officers are taken away from their assigned duties and increases the flexibility of the OPC's training. Police services have the option of utilizing this new approach or continuing to use their traditional delivery model.

"The Ontario Police College (OPC) is very excited by the prospect of offering programs online. Over the years, OPC has successfully provided training in a number of formats including satellite and service delivered," said Rudy Gheysen, Director of the Ontario Police College. "E-learning provides a further opportunity to expand the availability of our programs. E-Learning adds another degree of flexibility for officers to take advantage of learning opportunities, anywhere. The partnership between OPC and CPKN will set the stage for the future in blended police training."

The OPC and CPKN are currently preparing to release three courses, Advanced Patrol Training, General Investigative Training and Suspect Apprehension Pursuits to the police community later this fall.

"CPKN was created in March 2004 by group of senior police training professionals as a way to overcome emerging training challenges," noted Sandy Sweet, Chief Operating Officer of CPKN. "For the past two and half years, they have been committed to the development of innovative training approaches that improve the efficiency of police training. This partnership proves that their vision and beliefs were well founded."

About CPKN

The Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN), a not for profit organization, is Canada's leading provider of online training for police officers. CPKN collaborates with Canadian police services to develop and deliver online (e-learning) courses to the police community. CPKN currently delivers its catalogue of 16 courses to approximately 5,000 police officers from across the country.