APA & CPKN Offer Flexible Level II Collision Training Alternative

The Atlantic Police Academy (APA) and the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) are pleased to offer a blended learning approach for police services delivering Collision Investigation Level II training. A two part training course, this approach will eliminate up to three days of training and maximize the productivity of both instructors and students.

Collision Investigation Level II

Delivered through the CPKN portal (, Part I includes 6-8 hours of high-quality, engaging, online courseware covering the theoretical and technical components of Level II collision investigation. It ensures that all participants develop a standard knowledge base before participating in the practical sessions.

Part II, delivered either in-house or at the APA, allows participants to reinforce the knowledge acquired in Part I through hands-on activities in a practical session. For those services delivering Part II in-house, the APA has supplied a recommended course syllabus, testing exercises and other training materials that can be modified to meet each service's specific requirements.

This blended learning approach was developed with subject matter experts, Inspector Don DesRoches (APA) and Constable Paul Didham of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. Prior to the release of the course, Inspector DesRoches and CPKN gathered input and feedback from leading collision instructors and investigators from across the country.

Constable Al Knibbs, the RCMP's Collision Reconstruction Coordinator in Saskatchewan, as well as many other leading investigators from across the country see this as an excellent approach for Level II training. "This course would be an excellent enhancement to the classroom setting and would be very good to demo the points being taught," said Constable Knibbs after reviewing the Part I e-learning course.

"The e-learning course addresses virtually all of the elements typically reserved for a classroom, meaning that the practical sessions are more productive in less time," notes Inspector DesRoches. "In this respect, it is quite valuable for me and the students, and I suspect many police services will find value in such an approach."

Part I is currently available online through CPKN, a not for profit organization. The fee for Part I is $150 per participant, or discounted rates for groups are available. Police services may register participants or obtain more information by visiting or by calling 1-866-357-CPKN.