Stanhope Conference Namesake Destroyed by Fire

Stanhope Beach Resort and Conference Centre was destroyed by fire yesterday. Despite the best efforts of five local fire departments, the iconic Island landmark could not be saved.

The Stanhope Resort had become well known to many in the Canadian police community in recent years. As the site of CPKN’s annual Stanhope Conference, the resort played host to trainers, managers, and senior police members from across Canada for five years.

“The Stanhope Resort played a huge role in the success of the conference,” says Sandy Sweet, President of CPKN. “The idyllic setting and the tremendous hospitality of Danny Murphy and his staff have made an indelible impression on delegates over the years. That atmosphere really set the stage for the open, collaborative nature of the conference. After that first gathering back in 2007, it’s always been referred to as the Stanhope Conference.”






First settled in 1789, a hotel was first erected on the property in 1855. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. No one was injured during the blaze. The owner, Danny Murphy, will be considering the future of the property in the coming days.

Planning for the 2013 Stanhope Conference is currently underway. The conference will be held September 17 – 18 on PEI. The new location will be announced in the coming weeks.

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