CPKN Hosts Webinar Series

Later this month, CPKN will launch a Technology-enhanced Learning webinar series.

This series will cover a range of issues associated with organizational e-learning from the decision-making process around the development of online training to delivery options for virtual content.

“These webinars will be an extension of our ongoing conversation with the Canadian police and law enforcement communities,” says Krystine Richards, Manager of CPKN Business Development and series co-host. “They will be an open forum where we can share information, discuss challenges, and examine various aspects of online learning in detail.”

The webinar series will begin on November 21st with a session on online learning opportunities for campus police and security personnel. On November 26th, To Build or Not to Build: Deciding Factors in e-Learning Development will examine the key factors that police training managers and curriculum designers must consider when planning an online training event. Additional information and registration information is available at

While hosted by CPKN, these webinars will often involve other members of the police community who will share their organizational experience with online learning initiatives.

“Above all, CPKN is the hub of a collaborative learning network for police,” continues Richards. “We rely on the input of the community at large to advance and improve training technologies. These webinars will be one more way to engage the community in that conversation.”

CPKN invites suggestions for upcoming webinars. To share your ideas, please contact or by phone at 902-629-4246.