The New Landscape of Fraud – An Interac Video

On behalf of Interac Association, CPKN is pleased to host the second installment of the Interac Fraud Prevention series.

Designed to raise awareness around debit card and terminal-based fraud, these resources are available at no cost to all CPKN users, and are particularly suited to uniformed and investigating officers dealing with debit card-related fraud calls from merchants or the public.

Interac technology is the foundation of today’s consumer culture, but criminals are always seeking ways to try and exploit the technology to their own benefit. Interac – The New Landscape of Fraud is a 9 minute video that explores the latest trends – both low- and high-tech – in payment card fraud.

Produced by Interac, this video reviews the methods criminals employ to capture card data, both at ABMs and point-of-sale terminals, which can then be used to produce counterfeit cards in an attempt to exploit the system. It also reviews ‘cash trapping’ – an unsophisticated, but fast-growing fraud trend being seen in Canada and other global markets.

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