NEW! Debit Card Fraud Prevention Video

On behalf of Interac Association, CPKN is hosting an Interac-produced fraud prevention video. Given this week's arrests and seizures related to a Montreal-based international debit card fraud ring, this concise awareness piece on debit terminal-based fraud is not only timely but highly relevant.

This resource is available at no cost to all CPKN users and will be particularly suited to uniformed and investigating officers dealing with debit card-related fraud calls from merchants or the public.

Interac has made daily financial transactions incredibly convenient and simple for today's consumer but criminals are always seeking ways to exploit any technology to their own benefit. Although increasingly rare, when they're successful, this type of fraud has significant impact on victims and businesses alike.

Pin-pad tampering and surveillance are the primary means by which criminals try to gain access to debit-card banking information. Although the new chip-based card technology and Interac's fraud-reduction programs make it increasingly difficult for criminals to get data, there is still risk and a need for vigilance.

This 8-minute video, available in both English and French (coming soon), reviews the most common techniques that criminals attempt when trying to intercept banking information, how to spot compromised card readers, measures to prevent debit card fraud, and what to do in the event a fraud is discovered.

While originally produced to increase awareness among merchants, the information in this video is equally valuable to members of the law enforcement community. Enhanced awareness among merchants, police, and the general public continues to make it that much harder for criminals to commit fraud.

To learn how to access this video, please visit:

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Additional debit fraud-prevention resources will be available from Interac in the coming months.