New Domestic Violence Investigations Course Officially Launched

CPKN is pleased to announce that the Domestic Violence Investigations course was officially launched today. Developed in collaboration with the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS), the Domestic Violence Investigations course teaches police officers the dynamics of domestic violence, procedures for gathering evidence of injuries, investigative steps and techniques, including interviewing victims, witnesses and children and developing domestic violence safety plans.

Interested in reducing the time and costs associated with training their members in domestic violence investigations and increasing their capacity to do so, the WPS approached CPKN to discuss developing a blended e-learning solution for this training. CPKN worked with WPS Subject Matter Experts P/Sgt. Lisa Prior and D/Cst. Rick Sharma and Darren Skomoroh to develop a more engaging and effective training tool.

This new training format has allowed the WPS to reduce its domestic violence training from 5 days of classroom-based training to 2-4 hours of online learning and just 2 days of classroom training. This has doubled the WPS' annual capacity for domestic violence training while maintaining similar costs. According to P/Sgt Prior, the classroom portion of the course, which incorporates many of the practical components, is now more effective than the previous 5-day program as all participants have the knowledge in-hand and are much more focused for classroom discussions and activities.

Please view our Course Catalogue for registration information or to learn more about the Domestic Violence Investigations course.