NEW National Sex Offender Registry Course Officially Launched

CPKN, in collaboration with the NSOR National Working Group and RCMP's Learning and Development Branch officially launched the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) e-learning course today.

This course was developed as the training tool for the Sex Offender Information Registration Act (SOIRA [Bill C 16]) and the implementation of NSOR. It meets the needs of police services to have personnel trained in issues surrounding SOIRA and potentially NSOR.

SOIRA and NSOR represent a vital step for Canadian police organizations in fighting crimes of a sexual nature. The NSOR e-learning course covers topics such as the history and key elements of SOIRA, Exemption and Termination Orders, information collection procedures, serving a Notice to Comply and when disclosure of information is permitted, among several others.

Please view our Course Catalogue for register information or to learn more about the NSOR e-learning course.