New on CPKN: Deception Detection Techniques

Deception Detection Techniques is now available on CPKN. This four hour, introductory course will provide all law enforcement personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and resolve deception indicators.

Developed by the US Department of Homeland Security and made available to Canadian law enforcement through Public Safety Canada, Deception Detection Techniques is designed to increase knowledge and skill in the identification and resolution of deception indicators, specifically in the areas of the face and body. The course places particular emphasizes on the recognition of facial expressions of emotions that are associated with deception. Because the skills learned in this course are perishable, learners are encouraged to re-visit the practical exercises on a regular basis.

As part of the distribution agreement with Public Safety Canada, free registration will be given to the first 500 learners (or for the first six months, whichever comes first). Free access will apply to individuals learner registrations. Police services, including services that have existing portals on the CPKN LMS, that are interested in registering a group of learners must contact CPKN’s Support Desk at or 1-866-357-2756.

Learners who receive free access must complete the course by September 30, 2012. After that date, if a learner has not completed the course, his/her access will be removed. After the free registration period, the registration fee will be $50 per learner. Discounts and licensing options will apply to volume purchases.

For more information about this course, please visit