Human Trafficking – Free Learning Event Now Underway

Human Trafficking is the latest free Learning & Evaluation event to be sponsored by the Police Sector Council. Until June 30, 2012, Canadian police and law enforcement personnel may access this course at no charge.

Human trafficking affects the most vulnerable members of society and according to the United Nations, is tied to the illegal arms trade, the second largest criminal activity in the world after drugs. Victims of human trafficking suffer a violation of human rights and are to be considered as persons in need of protection. Promoting the safety and well being of victims must be a paramount concern for all law enforcement.

The Human Trafficking online course is designed to provide Canadian law enforcement officers with a functional and practical tool to better understand the crime of human trafficking, pertinent legislation, and general victim assistance guidelines. Developed in collaboration with the RCMP’s Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre, this course will enable officers in the field to better detect and investigate potential human trafficking cases, identify potential victims, and provide greater assistance to victims of human trafficking.

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Learning & Evaluation events are an important component of CPKN’s research agenda. As a condition of free access, all learners are required to complete a Pre-Course Assessment and Learner Feedback Survey. The results of the pre-course assessment are compared against final assessments to gauge the level of knowledge learned during the course; the survey gathers feedback about the learning experience. Once registered, the course and survey must be completed by the end of the free learning period.

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