OPC Issues Certificates for Online Courses

The Ontario Police College is now issuing Certificates of Completion for select courses hosted on CPKN. Learners who successfully complete Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Basic Refresher On-Line and Advanced Patrol Training are now eligible for OPC Certificates of Completion.

”This is a significant step because an officer’s ability to immediately print a certificate completes their experience and allows their training file to be updated immediately,” says Jon Schmidt, Deputy Director of Transformation and Distance Learning at OPC.

Learners who successfully complete Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Basic Refresher On-Line and all eight online modules of Advanced Patrol Training can now automatically access and print an OPC Certificate of Completion from their CPKN e-learning account (or CPKN-hosted learning portal). Certification of other courses developed in collaboration with OPC, including Aboriginal and First Nations Awareness, Coach Officer Training, and Hate Crimes Awareness are currently under review. For the blended General Investigation Training course, OPC issues a certificate after classroom training requirements have been fulfilled.

In addition to these courses, OPC subject matter experts are currently working with CPKN to develop Frontline Supervisor training. This will feature several online modules on topics such as leadership, performance management, self-managing skills, organizational skills, and domestic violence. These modules will be released in 2012 as part of a blended learning program at the OPC but will also be made available as stand-alone offerings to a national police audience as part of CPKN’s free Learning & Evaluation research program which is funded by the Police Sector Council.

In the coming year, while OPC continues to partner with CPKN to create training opportunities, it is also working towards expanding its in-house e-learning capacity to create online and blended learning offerings for its clients.

”OPC supports the development of high quality online learning,” says Schmidt. “With demands for police training on the rise, OPC is committed to finding new opportunities to address these demands, which includes the use of technology.”