Technical Discussion Boards Added to Trainers’ Forum

CPKN’s Trainers’ Forum has recently been expanded to include Learning Management System and Course Development discussion areas.

These new discussion boards will enable trainers, learning managers, and developers to share information and practical advice for the creation, delivery, and management of online police training.

The Trainers’ Forum was launched in 2010 as a virtual community of practice for the Canadian law enforcement community. Within this space, members can connect on a wide variety of e-learning issues including the challenges, solutions, and elements needed to create successful online learning models.

“The police community is continually advancing their online learning agendas, becoming more sophisticated and engaged,” says Bill Gibson, CPKN’s Manager of Strategic Initiatives, who oversees the Forum. “This has led to a greater need for information around the technical aspects of online learning.”

While some organizations have their own LMS applications, numerous other police services across the country have invested in designated portals on CPKN’s LMS. While these tools enable these services to manage and track their online learning initiatives, LMS and portal administrators are tasked with learning the ins and outs of the systems. The new Learning Management System discussion board will focus on LMS and related technologies and platforms, including portals. In this space, administrators can ask questions, share information, and provide experience-based advice.

Similarly, more and more services are developing e-learning to meet identified training objectives. While some courses are developed strictly for internal use, others are shared with the sector at large via CPKN. In either case, it’s important that courseware incorporates recognized standards to ensure effective learning experiences. The Content Development board will provide an environment for instructional designers, developers, and others to discuss technology standards, methodologies, tools, and processes used in the design and development of e-learning courses.

The CPKN Trainers’ Forum is a secure environment. New users can register via CPKN’s website (see Trainers’ Forum section below the News Headlines area on the CPKN homepage). Because the Forum is designed for the Canadian law enforcement sector, all registration requests are reviewed before access is granted.

For more information, please contact:

Bill Gibson
Manager, CPKN Strategic Initiatives
Tel: 902-629-4276