Knowledge-sharing at Work: Recent Releases at CPKN

Knowledge-sharing is the foundation of the CPKN model. Whether providing Subject Matter Experts to develop new content or sharing in-house courseware, this approach gives the Canadian police community a wide range of online learning opportunities.

Over the last month alone, the RCMP, Calgary Police Service, and Toronto Police Service have shared four new courses for delivery via CPKN.

Counterfeit Currency Analysis
Formerly delivered by the RCMP, this course provides learners with the basic skills and techniques required to help determine whether a bank note is genuine or counterfeit. Content was developed by several agencies including the RCMP’s National Counterfeiting Bureau, the Commercial Crime Branch, the Bank of Canada, and Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited. A second course, Counterfeit Payment Card Analysis, is also expected to be made available to the Canadian law enforcement community in the near future.


Sovereign Citizens

Recognized as an emerging movement in Canada, the Calgary Police Service recently shared its Sovereign Citizens course to provide situational awareness information and education regarding the potential threat posed during encounters with these individuals. This is a 40 minute course designed for sworn police officers only, specifically frontline officers, supervisors, detectives and investigators.


Subject-Precipitated Homicide

Calgary Police Service also released this 30 minute course to inform officers on how to recognize potential SPH cases, how to respond, and what officers involved in a SPH incident can expect in terms of investigative, legal, media, and personal impacts. It is an awareness level course and is designed for all frontline police officers.


Healthy Eating

Shift work, changing schedules, and the stresses of the job can lead to poor lifestyle choices, but it also puts police officers at a higher risk for heart disease than the general population. Toronto Police Service has shared this course to help officers combat heart disease and stroke. This 45 minutes course is designed to increase awareness on topics such as stress, blood pressure, blood sugar, fatigue management, and cholesterol and provides learners with practical tips and suggestions for living a heart healthy lifestyle.



CPKN enables police and law enforcement agencies with online content to share their knowledge and best practices with the broader police community. This not only enhances access to a broader range of learning materials, but also reduces duplication of effort among agencies. For more information on sharing training resources or becoming a Content Provider, please visit