FIPA 2.0 Delivers an Enhanced Firearms Training Experience

The Canadian Firearms Program has created an enhanced version of Firearms Identification for Public Agents.

Expanding on the original course content, Firearms Identification for Public Agents (v. 2.0) now covers a wider variety of firearm types, actions, and other firearm components. It is currently offered in CPKN’s training catalogue.

Firearms Identification for Public Agents has garnered incredible success within the Canadian police and law enforcement communities; since its launch in June of 2008, more than 10,500 learners have registered to the course. Based on that success, the Canadian Firearms Program has expanded the course to include twelve types of firearms, eleven actions, antiques, military firearms, firearm assemblies and components, metallic cartridges, and more. Like the original course, FIPA (v. 2.0) also instructs learners on identification criteria and how to use the Firearms Reference Table to identify a firearm.

FIPA 2.0 is a comprehensive training tool,” says George Fraser, Instructor with the Canadian Firearms Program and Subject Matter Expert for the course. “Updated and expanded content is delivered using a variety of interactive activities and exercises to ensure learners get the best possible learning experience.”

With the addition of new content, course duration has significantly increased from 2 to 6 hours. However, because the course was originally developed with funding from the Police Sector Council, the FIPA 2.0 registration fee will remain at $25.

“We’re extremely pleased with the online delivery model, “says Fraser. “Traditional classroom-based learning limited our training capacity to just 1000 people a year. e-Learning has eliminated those kinds of boundaries and we can now ensure training is available 24/7, 365 days a year.”

In addition to FIPA, the Canadian Firearms Program has partnered with CPKN to deliver several other e-learning offerings. Canadian Firearms Registry Online: A Tool for Officer Safety was released in 2009; Firearms Verification, a mandatory training course for firearm verifiers, was launched in June 2011; Seized Firearms Safety is currently under development and is expected to be released later this fall.

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