PSC Launches HR Management Software

The Police Sector Council has launched i-SkillSuite® – Police Edition, a free web-based application that will provide Canadian police HR managers with access to multi-functional, nationally validated competency-based tools, templates, and guides.

This software will be a highly valuable support tool for the new competency-based HR planning and management framework and leadership model. As part of an ongoing partnership, this new platform is hosted and administered by CPKN.

“The reality of today’s policing environment demands police services to be increasingly strategic and effectivein the development of frontline skills and leadership talent,” says Geoff Gruson, Executive Director of the Police Sector Council. “Competency-based management not only helps organizationseffectively manage frontline proficiencies, succession planning, and HR-associated risks, but also provides employees with a clear path for training requirements and career advancement.”

i-SkillSuite® – Police Edition is the culmination of several years of research at PSC. Since 2008, PSC has collaborated extensively with police mangers and subject matter experts across the country to document a common language and standard structure around the skills development and competency requirements associated with general duty policing for all ranks. That work has enabled a full competency framework and a range of guides and tools to support integrated HR management and planning. i-SkillSuite® – Police Edition is an easily accessible online repository for all that information -- a one-stop centre for job profiles, task lists, learning plans, interview guides, reference material, and other HR resources. Built around the existing architecture of the Human Resource System Group’s (HRSG) i-SkillSuite®, this software has proven organizationally effective in many other sectors and industries.

“This is important software that will provide a comprehensive HR solution for police services,” says Portia Dewhirst, PSC’s Director of Programs. “It’s designed to support all service points along the HR continuum, from recruitment to retirement.”

For more information or to register for a free account, visit PSC’s website at