CPKN Renews Pricing Policy

Effective April 1st, CPKN has renewed its pricing policy to better reflect the needs of its clients and to simplify pricing procedures. A new pricing calculator has also been launched to help police services determine discount and licensing options for group registrations.

In response to its continued growth with the Canadian police and law enforcement communities, CPKN has released an updated pricing policy to improve the consistency, transparency, and understandability.

“We’re very aware that our pricing model, particularly the discounting structure, can be somewhat confusing for our clients,” says Sandy Sweet, President of CPKN. “This new streamlined policy will make it much easier for organizations to cost out training initiatives.”

Volume Discounting

The most significant change to the policy centers around the volume discounting model for group registrations. Based on the total sworn officer population of a service, discounts are now applied as flat rates once a single course purchase exceeds specified thresholds of the population. Under the new policy, if a police service purchases a course for more than 10% of its sworn population, a 20% discount is applied; if the purchase is for more than 50% of its sworn population, a 40% discount is applied. While the total number of sworn officers is used as the basis of the discount formula, the discount rates apply to all service personnel, including non-sworn and civilian members. This new discount model will now also be applied to courses funded by the Police Sector Council.

Course: CPIC Query Narrative
Course List Price/Learner: $50.00    
Total sworn officer population of Service X: 100    
Number of registrations (sworn and non-sworn): 10 30 110
Discount Level: 10% 20% 40%
Discounted Course Price/Learner: n/a $40.00 $30.00
Total Purchase Price (Discounted): $500.00 $1,200.00 $3,300.00

The licensing model, which is designed as a cost-effective option for large police services, has also been modified. A license to a course provides an organization with unlimited access to a course for a specified term, typically one to three years. Formerly based on a percentage of course development costs, new licensing costs will be determined by a standard rate based on listed course price. For example, any course listed at $25 will be licensed for $10,000 for Year 1 and $5,000 in subsequent years; a $50 course will be licensed at $20,000 in Year 1 and $10,000 in subsequent years. This renewed, straightforward structure will make a licensing a more accessible option to more services. For organizations that currently have a licensing option, CPKN will negotiate the best possible rate for the remaining term of the license on the renewal date.

Pricing Calculator
To help clients quickly and easily determine eligibility and level of discounts on the purchase of training courseware, CPKN has launched an online Pricing Calculator. Users can simply select a course, plug in the number of total sworn officers and the number of learners to be registered to the course to view potential discounts. It also provides the licensing price so users can compare all available pricing options.

Portal Fee Structure
The renewed Pricing Policy also outlines costs associated with designated portals. This aspect of CPKN business services continues to grow within the Canadian police community and has proven to be a highly cost-effective alternative to the purchase of independent Learning Management Systems. The updated pricing policy defines the base costs for a standard portal set-up, access, and services.

View the full CPKN Pricing Policy for more information about volume discounting, licensing and designated portal fees.

List Prices Reduced on Several Courses

Also effective April 1st, registration fees for several CPKN courses have been reduced. Specifically, registration fees for Domestic Violence Investigation and Missing Child First Responder have been reduced from $100 to $50 while Basic Investigation Skills and Collision Investigation Level II have been lowered from $150 to $100. These new prices will enhance accessibility to all Canadian police personnel.