New Free Learning Event

Until May 31st, Occupational Health & Safety: Supervisor is offered as a free Learning & Evaluation event to all Canadian law enforcement personnel.

Developed in collaboration with the Public Services Health and Safety Association, Occupational Health & Safety: Supervisor is designed to ensure that police supervisors understand how health and safety is integrated into emergency and non-emergency events, including the work conducted at the police facility.

In the course of day-to-day operations, police supervisors need to know what legislation applies to the workplace in general and what aspects of the legislation apply to them personally. Knowing this is essential for protecting officers from injury, limiting the personal liability of the supervisor, and assisting the employer in achieving legislated and moral obligations to protect employees.

This is the twelfth e-learning course to be sponsored by the Police Sector Council. Like all PSC-funded learning events, participants who complete this course are required to complete a brief survey about their learning experience. Information collected from learners is kept strictly anonymous and is used to improve online training initiatives for the sector at large.

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