BC’s Domestic Violence Training Customized for Alberta, Manitoba

Recently, at the request of the RCMP, CPKN customized the Evidence-based, Risk-focused Domestic Violence Investigations course for use in Alberta and Manitoba. These modified versions will be available to all police officers throughout those regions.

First released in the fall of 2009 as part of a mandatory training initiative for all frontline police and their supervisors in BC, this course focuses on identifying potential risk factors that may be present in domestic violence cases. It also emphasizes the use of a collaborative, proactive approach to manage victim safety. Subject matter experts from the RCMP in Alberta and Manitoba worked with CPKN to adapt the content to reflect the protocols and policies within those jurisdictions.

“The content in the original version of this course offered an ideal foundation for training our members,” says Sgt. Beth Campbell, subject matter expert from K division. “After modifying it to include Alberta -specific legislation, tools, guidelines, and policies, it will be delivered as mandatory training for RCMP officers throughout the province who are responsible for the response, supervision, and review of DV investigations.”

S/Sgt. Gerry Kerr, subject matter expert for the Manitoba version, stated that all frontline officers in that province are encouraged to review the course. Though it is not mandatory training for RCMP members in Manitoba, it will be a pre-requisite for various investigational and operational courses.

While the course is delivered to RCMP members via AGORA, the RCMP’s internal learning system, the BC, Alberta, and Manitoba specific versions can also be accessed by municipal services via CPKN. Officers outside of these jurisdictions may also request access to any of these versions.

“This is a great example of how the CPKN network is reducing duplication of effort among Canadian police agencies,” says Nadine Sutcliffe, VP and Manager of Operations at CPKN. “By sharing existing content, police services are saving significant time and money on core training matter.”