New Releases at CPKN

CPKN has recently launched three new essential police training courses, including a new free Learning & Evaluation event.

Forensic DNA Evidence is the most recent free Learning & Evaluation event to be sponsored by the Police Sector Council. This 3.5 hour course provides officers involved in the investigation of criminal offences, including serious violent crimes, sexual crimes, and other major crimes in which forensic DNA evidence may be utilized, with a comprehensive understanding of the DNA warrant provisions of the Criminal Code, case law, and evidence collection issues. Content for this course has been provided by the Justice Institute of BC. Free access will remain open to all Canadian police and law enforcement personnel until June 15, 2010.

Introduction to Human Sources focuses on basic best practices and procedures, as well as the recommended policy and guidelines, for handling human sources. Learners are introduced to fundamental report writing and note taking procedures as well as the applicable Canadian case law governing the use and handling of these investigative tools. Using a problem-based approach, this course will simulate many of the complexities, conflicts, and diverse issues raised during actual investigations involving human sources. Content for this course is provided by the RCMP's Covert Operations Branch.

Threats to School Safety was developed by the Toronto Police Service and focuses on the key issues to understanding and investigating Threats to School Safety. In addition to instructing officers on the information and techniques relevant to the investigation of a school related shooting and an Active Attacker, this course prepares officers to respond to and deal with threats in a school environment, communicate information to specialized police investigators, and increase their safety in interactions with a threat. This course also reviews the dynamics of an Active Attacker and the tactical solutions to be utilized during high risk situations at schools.

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