Missing Child Undergoes Rebuild

CPKN's Missing Child First Responder course has recently undergone extensive updates to improve its functionality and navigability.

Now delivered in a new interface, content is delivered in a more streamlined format, making it easier to read and work through practice activities and exam. As with all CPKN courses, Missing Child also undergoes regular content reviews to ensure all information is up-to-date and accurate.

First released in 2004 in collaboration with RCMP's National Missing Children Services and the Child Safety Research and Innovation Centre, this course provides officers with a better understanding of the different types of missing children, the risks they face, and the measures to help them. It also outlines the roles and responsibilities of First Responders and reviews the investigational procedures that must be followed when responding to a notification of a missing child.

Other courses that have recently undergone updates include Search and Seizure: Warrantless Authorities (new content and interface), National Sex Offender Registry/Registre national des délinquants sexuels (new interface and content updates), Recognition of Emotionally Disturbed Persons/Reconnaître une personne perturbée affectivement (updated content), and Suspect Apprehension Pursuits (new content and interface).

For more information on any of these or other CPKN courses, please visit the online catalogue to view the course descriptions and/or refer to available Course Training Standards documents.