Free Learning Event: Preventing Officer Involved Collisions

Until October 31st, all Canadian law enforcement personnel are offered free access to Preventing Officer Involved Collisions, an e-learning course developed in collaboration with the Ontario Provincial Police.

While driving may be considered routine among police officers, it is actually one of the riskiest tasks they undertake on a daily basis. In fact, recent statistics indicate the collision rate of police officers is four times higher than among civilians. More officers die in vehicle collisions than all other workplace-related incidents combined. Preventing Officer Involved Collisions focuses on risk management techniques, human factors, managing distractions, and improving self-awareness and is designed to help officers improve their ability to make good decisions while driving.

This free Learning & Evaluation event is funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program through the Police Sector Council. This is the ninth course to be developed as part of PSC's national e-learning initiative which responds to national training priorities as indicated by the Canadian police community. The evaluation component of this initiative gathers data, by way of mandatory Learner Feedback Surveys, on learners' experiences and collects input on ways to enhance online training initiatives within the Canadian policing sector. Information collected from learners is kept strictly anonymous and is used to improve online training initiatives for the sector at large.

At present, the English version of this course is available to learners -- the French language version will be released at a later date. For more information, or to register, please visit or contact CPKN at 1-866-357-2756.