New Releases: Coach Officer Training and Counterfeit Travel and Identity Documents

CPKN released two new courses this week: Coach Officer Training and Counterfeit Travel and Identity Documents.

Coach Officer Training was developed in collaboration with the Ontario Police College. This two hour course is designed to prepare coach officers to assist their trainees to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during basic training to the reality of policing. This course covers key elements of training, including setting goals, identifying relevant training activities, performance assessment, and remediation strategies, together with essential coaching techniques designed to develop police officer trainees. For more information, please see the course description at

Counterfeit Travel and Identity Documents was developed by the RCMP and is being shared with the wider police community via CPKN. This 2.5 hour course instructs on the basic skills required to recognize genuine travel or identity documents and provides techniques to determine whether a document is genuine or fraudulent. In addition to identifying the difference between counterfeit and altered documents, it introduces learners to a number of different security features as well as the criminal law, policy, and procedures that apply when fraudulent documentation is discovered. A full course description is available at

Other recent releases at CPKN include a free Learning & Evaluation event for Preventing Officer Involved Collisions and the Calgary Police Service's Excited Delirium Syndrome.

Scheduled releases for this summer include Critical Incident Stress Management (August) and Police Information Portal (September). Both of these offerings will be funded by the Police Sector Council and will be released as free Learning & Evaluation events.