London Hosts e-Learning Workshop

Recently, more than twenty five representatives from sixteen southern Ontario police services gathered to discuss e-learning in police training.

"More than ever, police services are tasked with doing more with less," said Chief Murray Faulkner of the London Police Service, host agency for the workshop. "Growing operational demands place increased pressure on already strained budgets - often pushing training needs to the back burner. Under these circumstances, we need to be more efficient with the limited dollars that we have available."

Throughout the Canadian police community, e-learning is proving to be an effective and economically sound solution. But apart from the fiscal benefits, the logistics of introducing organizational e-learning can sometimes seem a daunting endeavor.

"Keeping pace with advances and options in police training is challenging," said Supt. Brent Shea of the London Police Service, lead workshop organizer. "This workshop is an opportunity for decision-makers to better understand e-learning technologies, consider how they can be effectively incorporated, and learn from the experiences of other agencies that have already set out on that path."

This half-day workshop was a forum for open discussion and questions about how police services can integrate and maximize e-learning within in-service training programs. CPKN was on hand to offer up the latest information on online technologies, research, and implementation options, including an e-Learning 101 session that reviewed the basics of online learning. Case studies on how e-learning is currently being used within various Ontario police services and the Ontario Police College were presented. Discussions also defined the challenges that organizations experience when introducing e-learning and the service-specific approaches employed to overcome those challenges.

"This type of focused, small-scale event is an ideal opportunity for members of the police community to cut straight to the issues that directly impact them," said Chief Faulkner. "While some of the particulars may vary, the services represented here today are discovering alot of common ground on their training dilemmas. I think we all agree that e-learning is clearly part of the solution."

Other districts or regions interested in hosting similar events are encouraged to contact Bill Gibson at or 902-629-4276.