A New World of Training Opportunities for Abbotsford

A recent investment in a designated portal on CPKN's Learning Management System has opened up a vast new world of training opportunities for Abbotsford Police Department.

Abbotsford Police Department is excited about the future of online training. Their new designated portal on CPKN's Learning Management System has enabled APD to offer its members more courses than ever while generating significant savings of time and money.

"This portal has made it that much easier for us to overcome the everyday challenges of delivering and attending training sessions," says Cst. Pete Quaglia, APD's Training Officer. "It allows us to cut through the administrative red tape to provide both on- and off-duty training and development to our members."

With more than 210 sworn officers, APD believes its portal will be an important element in effectively promoting community-specific learning objectives and delivering training in specialized fields of police study. Though currently limited to sworn members, it is expected that the portal will eventually be used to also provide training for APD's civilian staff. In addition to the wide selection of available training in CPKN's course catalogue and from other agencies, APD plans to produce in-house courses, such as Policy & Procedure Manual Training, Legal Studies Reviews & Updates, and Supervisor Training for delivery on the portal. The system will also be used to administer annual Promotional, Qualifying and Increment Exams.

"This kind of flexibility was a key part of the decision to invest in a portal," states Quaglia. "The ease and convenience of this learning system definitely pays for itself. But more importantly, our members love it."

APD recognizes that this portal represents a whole new world of opportunity in online learning.

"As our experience with online training grows, we expect to reap more and more benefits from the system," says Quaglia. "We're extremely pleased with the selection of course material available to our officers through the portal. In time, we hope to contribute our own content to CPKN's larger learning inventory for all police. There's really no limit to the potential here."