CACP Endorses Police Ethics & Accountability

CPKN's Police Ethics & Accountability is the first course to receive approval under the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police's e-Learning Endorsement Process. Based on a recommendation from the CACP HR Committee, CACP's Board of Directors granted its support for the course earlier this month.

Introduced in January 2009, CACP's Endorsement Process is designed to validate e-learning design and development procedures and add a consistent, structured national perspective to quality assurance. Under the process, the CACP HR Committee audits all documentation pertaining to the selection, design, and development of an e-learning course. This includes rationales on topic selection and the identification of content provider agencies and subject matter experts (SME), as well as documents related to content development, SME and peer reviews, and learner pilots. The various elements of the course development process are evaluated against an approved methodology for building online police training. Based on its findings, the HR Committee makes a recommendation to the CACP Board of Directors.

While all CPKN courses are developed in collaboration with experts from the Canadian police community, this exercise ensures that training programs meet rigorous quality standards for a national police audience.

Additional courses from CPKN's catalogue will be submitted to the CACP HR Committee for review on a regular basis.