New Courses Address Broad Training Needs

New courses released on CPKN in recent weeks address a broad range of training needs for frontline officers.

Police Information Portal
Developed in collaboration with the London Police Service with funding provided by the Police Sector Council, this course is designed to instruct frontline personnel in the proper use of the Police Information Portal (PIP), a component of the National Integrated Interagency Information (N-III) system. This groundbreaking system is used to share information among police, public safety, and federal agencies across Canada and this course helps officers to fully and correctly utilize PIP for maximized benefit and efficiency. This course is offered as a free Learning & Evaluation event to all Canadian law enforcement personnel until January 31st, 2011.

Introduction to Disclosure
Developed by the RCMP, this course examines the importance of providing full, frank and fair disclosure in a professional and timely manner. By explaining various exemptions from disclosure, and identifying best practices, this course provides practical guidelines for successfully managing disclosure.

Introduction to Major Case Management
Also developed by the RCMP, Introduction to Major Case Management will develop an awareness level of employee knowledge relating to the command structure of major case investigative teams and the 9 principles that should guide all major case investigations.

Officer Drinking and Driving
As a component of officer health and wellness training, Toronto Police Service developed this course relate the very real impacts of drinking and driving through victims' stories. It also reviews the physiological effects of alcohol on the body, public perception of officer-involved offenses, and offenses related to drinking and driving.