CPKN Hosts G20 Online Training Portal

Frontline officers assigned to general police duties during the G20 Summit will complete a portion of their specialized training online via a secure CPKN learning portal.

In advance of the Summit, police personnel assigned to general frontline duties will undergo an intense curriculum. Depending on a member's assignment, a range of online and practical training sessions will be available. An online training portal, which will be hosted on CPKN's Learning Management System and managed by Toronto Police Service's Training College, will be used to deliver a selection of training courses to officers throughout Ontario and across Canada.

The G20 Summit, which will take place on June 26 and 27 in Toronto, will host a forum for world leaders to work together to stabilize the financial system, coordinate national economic policies, and take action to build a future of sustainable and balanced economic growth. Due the nature of the discussions, the G20 Summit is a highly controversial event that attracts tens of thousands of protesters and demonstrators. As such, security is a critical and extremely complex component of the conference. A highly trained force of law enforcement professionals is essential for success.

In the weeks leading up to the Toronto event, the online training model will significantly streamline the delivery of training for security operations. This is a fundamental aspect of security preparations that will underpin the ability of frontline personnel to create a safe environment for all during the G20 Summit.