Calgary Shares Excited Delirium Training

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) is sharing its course on Excited Delirium Syndrome with the broader Canadian police community. All members of the police community can now access this one hour training course via CPKN.

Every year, there are more than 200 sudden and unexpected deaths following police restraint. Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDS), a condition identified by medical experts, accounts for the majority of custody-related deaths. With the ever-increasing use of crack cocaine, methamphetamine, and other central nervous system stimulants, as well as the increased number of persons with emotional disturbances amongst the general population, officers can anticipate encountering subjects suffering from ExDS more frequently. Increased awareness of the condition by police officers can result in earlier recognition and treatment.

Developed by CPS as part of its Use of Force training program, Excited Delirium Syndrome is designed to increase officer awareness about signs and symptoms of ExDS and explores the factors and issues that must be considered when responding to, or managing, an ExDS incident.