RADAR Refresher Training: Free Learning Event

RADAR Refresher Training is the latest in a series of free Learning & Evaluation events to be funded by the Police Sector Council's national e-learning program.

Developed by CPKN in collaboration with York Regional Police, this four hour course is a refresher for the experienced RADAR operator. Delivered in eleven modules, it reviews the principles of speed management, the theory and technology behind RADAR, court preparation, as well as health and safety issues. Like past L&E events, RADAR Refresher Training will be offered at no cost to all members of the Canadian police and law enforcement communities for a four month period (until June 30th).

Similar to the recent CFRO offering, this event includes several features that contribute to CPKN's research on course effectiveness and learner satisfaction. In addition to the standard mandatory Learner Feedback survey, the course includes pre- and post-course testing, a voluntary follow-up survey, and a focus group session. Though designed as short learner exercises, these direct measures of training impact help CPKN to continually improve course design and delivery methods.

RADAR Refresher Training is currently offered in English; the French language version will be released later this Spring.

Update (April 2010): Stationary and Stationary/Moving versions of RADAR Refresher Training are now available.

Also available: Forensic DNA Evidence is also offered as a free Learning & Evaluation event until June 15, 2010. This 3.5 hour course provides officers involved in the investigation of criminal offences, including serious violent crimes, sexual crimes, and other major crimes in which forensic DNA evidence may be utilized, with a comprehensive understanding of the DNA warrant provisions of the Criminal Code, case law, and evidence collection issues. Content for this course has been provided by the Justice Institute of BC.