OPVTA To Launch Online Delivery Portal

In January, the Ontario Police Video Training Alliance will launch a new online portal hosted by CPKN. OPVTA members will now be able to access, at no additional cost, OPVTA video training resources via the Internet. This is in addition to their traditional deliverable DVD format.

"Moving from a DVD to online model is a natural step in our evolution," says Jamie Saunders, Production Manager of the Video Unit at Niagara Regional Police Service which produces all OPVTA programming. "This new portal will give OPVTA's membership 24/7 access to our catalogue in a secure online learning environment. Moreover, it will provide additional features such as content review, learner tracking, and reporting mechanisms. "

OPVTA's portal will reside on CPKN's Learning Management System but will only be accessible to OPVTA's member organizations. Each OPVTA member agency will initially register their personnel through CPKN, but thereafter will have the option to assign an administrator to the portal to manage their service's registrations to individual courses, monitor in-service training events, and run learner progress reports.

"Creating an exclusive portal on CPKN's infrastructure is an extremely cost effective option for OPVTA," says Michael Knight, Chair of OPVTA. "We not only bypass the expense of purchasing and managing an independent LMS, but also benefit from CPKN's experience in making our programs ready for online delivery. We believe this portal will yield a real advantage for our membership and the organization as a whole." At launch, the portal will feature a preliminary selection of videos, including Search Without Warrant, Guaranteed Safe Arrival, Domestic Violence, Communicable Diseases, Prescription Drug Enforcement, Building Searches, and Psychosis. OPVTA will continue to work with CPKN's Design and Development team to transition existing videos to an online format.

The portal is expected to launch in late January. OPVTA members may contact either their Executive, or CPKN's Support Desk at 1-866-357-2756/ for more information. Outside agencies wishing to learn more about becoming a member of OPVTA in order to access these programs may contact either Michael Knight or Jamie Saunders. Contact information may be found at