BC Launches Province-Wide Online Domestic Violence Training Initiative

Today, on behalf of the British Columbia Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General (Police Services Division), CPKN will begin hosting a new province-wide online training initiative for BC police.

Through collaboration with independent municipal police, RCMP, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Crown Counsel, Victim Services and Corrections, the Ministry will launch the Evidence-based, Risk-focused Domestic Violence Investigations training course. Designed to enhance performance, this program emphasizes the importance of proper investigations and a coordinated response to domestic violence issues. It also reviews recommended practices for BC police officers during the course of domestic violence investigations.

Recognizing that police officers are just one part of the criminal justice system involved in domestic violence cases, this 3.5 hour course focuses on the value of inter-agency cooperation and the necessity of effective threat assessment and risk management strategies in domestic violence cases. It is intended to encourage police officers to consider victim safety (and risks to victim safety) as a central factor when making decisions both during and after an investigation.

The Evidence-based, Risk-focused Domestic Violence Investigations course is mandatory training for more than 4800 frontline police officers and supervisors of frontline police in BC, including independent municipal police departments and the RCMP. All officers falling within this group are expected to take this course within the next two years. The course will also become required learning for recruits attending the JIBC Police Academy and those RCMP cadets stationed in BC during their field coaching period.

Built by CPKN's Design & Development team with content provided by the Ministry and the instructional design services of TecKnowledg-e Learning, Inc., CPKN will also host the course and provide learner support to all independent municipal police learners in BC. RCMP learners will access it through their own internal learning management system AGORA.