New Version of CPIC Query/Narrative Launched

CPIC Query/Narrative Online has recently undergone extensive updates. The new version of the course was launched on the CPKN portal today.

First released in 2007, this course provides information on CPIC policy and is designed to provide users with the skills to query CPIC Data Banks, analyze the responses, and send narrative traffic messages using the CPIC System. In addition to restructuring the course in the new CPKN interface, the content itself has been updated to reflect the enhanced international component of the CPIC system.

Specifically, the lesson on ACUPIES (Automated Canadian United States Police Information Exchange) has been updated to correspond with changes regarding queries for USA and Interpol databases.

The English version of the updated course was released today; the new French language version is currently in translation and will be available later this fall.

Currently registered learners are advised that access to the earlier version will expire on September 30, 2010. However, learners who have registered to CPIC Query/Narrative Online in the past year (registered on or after September 28, 2008) will be granted access to the new version at no cost on request. Please contact the CPKN Support Desk at 1-866-357-2756 / for more information.

As of today, all new registrants will be enrolled to the new version of CPIC Query/Narrative Online. Learners are advised that the price for this course has also changed. Effective September 28, 2009, this course will cost $50/user. Licensing options for organizations are available.