NS Justice Rolls Out Mandatory EDP Training to Corrections Officers, Sheriffs

Based on recommendations from operational reviews and an organizational audit, Nova Scotia Corrections and Sheriff Services looked to the REDP course as a potential option for training on mental health issues.

More than 800 Nova Scotia correctional officers and sheriffs will be completing mandatory Recognition of Emotionally Disturbed Persons (REDP) training over the next three years. Beginning May 1st, NS Corrections Staff Training and Development in partnership with Sheriff Services will oversee the implementation of training rotations to ensure all sheriff and correctional services staff who deal with offenders receive this training through CPKN's online learning portal.

"Given the prevalence of offenders with mental health disorders, ensuring our staff are properly informed and trained is a top priority," says Tim Arsenault, Manager of Policy and Programs for NS Corrections. "We found the REDP course not only instructive on pertinent issues, but also easy to understand and navigate. The fact that we'll also reduce training associated costs is just an added benefit."

While this is the Department's first foray into a broad-based online training program, it's probably not its last.

"The REDP initiative will be a benchmark to determine the efficacy of e-learning for its staff," says Arsenault. "We're already reviewing other CPKN offerings for their applicability to our divisions."