Coming in January 2009: Police Ethics and Accountability

In January, CPKN will release Police Ethics and Accountability, a core training course for any police or law enforcement officer. Developed in collaboration with the Justice Institute of British Columbia, this course will explore the complexities surrounding ethical decisions and dilemmas in policing.

It is understood within the policing community that the special powers granted to police officers are coupled with the public's expectations for very high ethical standards, both on and off-duty. And though deliberate acts of unethical police conduct are rare, police misconduct can occur in a variety of forms, including use of excessive force, improper conduct, acceptance of gratuities, and in some instances a criminal act. Police Ethics and Accountability focuses on ways to avoid improper and unethical conduct and will help officers avoid ethical pitfalls in their day to day duties.

This course is being developed through funding provided by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.