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Vol. 149 - Police Suicide: Shining a Light (OPVTA)

Vol. 149 - Police Suicide: Shining a Light (OPVTA)

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On so many levels, the members of a law enforcement agency look, sound and feel…like family. We work together, we socialize with each other, and most importantly we're there for each other when it matters most. Like any family, we are shaken by the loss of one of our own. But when that loss comes at a member's own hand, we struggle to make sense of the situation. In a profession where strength, resilience and the ability to solve problems are both revered and expected, mental health issues and suicide are topics that produce discomfort and, too often, silence. Only through awareness, and having the courage to ask for and offer support, will we begin to change the culture, recognizing mental health and suicide prevention as important components of officer safety.

This video examines the very complicated subject of police suicide, including the often hidden psychological risks of policing, indicators that someone may be in trouble and - most importantly - what we can all do to help.


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This video was produced by the Ontario Police Video Training Alliance (OPVTA).


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Content Provider: OPVTA

Language: English

Length: 17 minutes

Release Date: 2016-09-30