Course Demos

Course Demos

CPKN courses are designed to meet the needs of all learning types. Working in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts and e-learning specialists, courses incorporate a range of media and interactive activities to reinforce learning concepts.

The following demos feature parts of course lessons that demonstrate the various types of media and interactive elements used in CPKN courses to enhance the learner experience. Please click on any of the course titles below to view course navigation and functionality features.

Forensic Identification Pre-Course

The Forensic Identification Pre-Course is designed to provide a basic understanding of photography concepts and equipment, specifically focussing on Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras.

This demo features 3-D interactive practice activities where learners are required to label the various components of the DSLR camera.

Content for this course is provided by the Canadian Police College.

Frontline Supervisor: Organizational Skills

The Frontline Supervisor - Organizational Skills course explains the management process and provides a definitive process to link and align with the mission, vision, values, and strategic direction of the organization.

Using video and audio-voice over, this demo illustrates processes for acheiving effective goals.

Content for this course is provided by the Ontario Police College.

Preventing Officer-involved Collisions

Preventing Officer-involved Collisions is designed to engage frontline officers in a new level of awareness by focusing on risk management techniques, human factors, managing distractions, and improving self-awareness.

This demo features a simple simulation game activity to demonstrate the challenges of managing attention.

Content for this course is provided by the Ontario Provinicial Police.

Seized Firearms Safety

Seized Firearms Safety is designed to instruct on basic firearm safety in accordance with the Canadian Firearms Program’s Canadian Firearms Safety Course. This course develops recognition of firearm types and actions and provides operational knowledge to allow you to unload and “prove-safe” most of the firearms you will encounter.

This demo features interactive practice activities to identify various components of two firearm types.

Content for this course is provided by the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program.